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      High speed fully electric automatic blow molding machine
      • Molding mechanism is driven by SERVO motor, which leads whole mechanism works speedy, accurately, stably, flexibly and energy efficient. High speed precision blowing valves help to make high capacity.
      • Stepping and stretching system are also driven by SERVO motor.
      • Air recycle system is equipped for high pressure air(recycle up to 30% HP air), which save power consumption 30KW/hr. This design minimize requirement to Low Pressure Compressor.
      • Mold mounting is by simple slide-in way. It makes as easy for operator to change mold within 30 minutes.
      • This series is servo high speed models. The output from 6000bph to 13000bph and volume from 0.15L to 2L.
      Items Unit BW-E4-0.6L BW-E6-0.6L BW-E8-0.6L BW-E4-2L BW-E6-2L
      Number of cavitiescavities46846
      Neck diametermm18-3818-3818-3818-3818-38
      Theoretical outputbph6500~60009000~850012000~110006000~55007500~7000
      Rated powerKW487611178113
      Power ConsumptionKW2535523653
      Main machine sizemm3300*1800*22004200*2050*22004800*2150*22004200*2100*24004800*2150*2400
      Preform loader sizemm1900*1200*23001900*1200*23002000*1300*23002000*1300*23002000*1300*2300
      Main machine weightKg42005000550050005800

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